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Pilgrims ways to Nidaros


Pilot project pilgrim ways

About Pilegrim.info

The St. Olav Ways are Nordic

The pilgrim ways are developed in a cooperative effort involving public and private partners through 'Pilot project Pilgrim Ways' and pilgrim.info serves the project.


The Norwegian edition of the website was officially opened Saturday 22. April 2006, 2–5 pm at a meeting in the 'Pilgrim rooms' by the Nidaros Cathedral.

If a friend you have whom you fully will trust, then fare to find him oft; For brambles grow and waving grass On the rarely trodden road.
Havamal 1150

Discover the pilgrim ways

Maihaugen, farmyard with hay-racks


Looking back towards Skaun
Organized pilgrimages

Pilgrim Summer 2008

Join in pilgrimages to NIDAROS, to RØLDAL or through VALDRES. And for the first time a pilgrimage is being arranged to LOM STAVE CHURCH. To wander along the pilgrim path is to discover the joy of the slow life.
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Celebration of St Olav's Day

The Pilgrim's Key to Trondheim 2008

If your journey has been short or long, demanding or easy, only you can know. When you arrive at Nidaros Cathedral you have reached your goal! In any case we hope you will feel welcome as a pilgrim, both in the town and in the church.
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St. Olav heritage

The Cross shows the way:- Pilgrimages to Trondheim - the Jerusalem of the North

Researcher Øystein Ekroll's lecture at the Olsok seminar in 2007. Here our knowledge of pilgrimages to Nidaros was brought together in a discussion of the role of Nidaros in the pilgrim culture of the Middle Ages.
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The New Year 2008

Wishing you a Happy New Pilgrim Year

The jubilee summer in 2007 was a wonderful celebration of the 10 year jubilee for the opening of the pilgrim paths to Nidaros. The number of pilgrims is increasing and more routes are being opened up. There is a lot to look forward to in this new year!
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Pilgrim roads to Nidaros is delivered by Norwegian Heritage Foundation www.kulturarv.no - Developed by Intellicom www.intellicom.no